…I’m still here. I’ve been reading lots of fiction lately, most notably The Collected Stories of Amy Hempel. Also re-read Elizabeth Bachinsky Home of Sudden Service.


Late breaking news (at least for my closet). The Winners in the mall one block from my house is closing. My wardrobe is in mourning (although this will probably mean great sales from now until then).

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  1. T–

    Clearly this means a trip to Nova Scotia where Jeanette and I can take you around to all the Frenchy’s (and almost-Frenchy’s) and you can pick up a shirt for a dollar, a coat for two, a pair of jeans for 50 cents. There are at least three within striking distance of my house, so I strike as often as I can. You’ve probably heard of Frenchy’s anyway — a lot of Maritime writers mention these thrift stores, and you likely already know it has spawned much local bargain-bragging: “See this wool jacket? Three bucks. Linen shirt? One fifty.” It’s addictive.

    We could just hop in the car and you could see Nova Scotia that way.


  2. Hey Lorri, perhaps I will do just that one of these days. I only know of Frenchy’s from you this winter at colony, but it sounds like such fun shopping! I would really love to see NS, the sooner the better.

  3. I want to go touring with you and Lorri! That sounds like a great way to see NS.

  4. I live by that Winners. There isn’t much left to that mall anymore (for me). They took my bank out and the post office. Now I have to walk or drive to locations far far away. What a chore.

  5. Not being a Winners shopper, or a shopper at all, really, I still have to say I’m sorry to hear your Winners store is closing, T.

    Do you think it will impact the value of your real estate? 😉

  6. Yes. And now the store in the mall that carries my bras is not going to carry them any longer. I shall be naked soon enough I suppose.

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