…must be made this week, life must change/alter/defy the ordinariness we impose upon it. Because of this, I’m asking myself what it means to have money, to use money, to be entrenched in a cultural system that requires money. What if we bartered our services? I’m thinking of the guy that bartered his way up to a house. Why don’t we have more bartering in our systems? Or do we, and we just don’t recognize the non-monetary system?

And in celebration of Rhett’s new reading/open mic series Soundlines (how did it go?) I found this site online. I wonder if one can barter a poem for a meal? This could come in handy.

7 thoughts on “DECISIONS

  1. To be honest, I got more and more worried as the time came. And in an awesome move by Mother Nature, though it had been 15 degrees all day, started snowing like Medusa was losing hair/snakes.

    But, it went so well. The readers we had lined up were fantastic. The open-mic’ers sort of just showed up. The music was so good. And the venue couldn’t be better.

    I read first and I was a little nervous, not so much about reading, but about the event and so, per usual, I was red as a lollipop.

    I am trying to go with weird similes. Anyways, it was a very rewarding experience and I look forward to next month, which we have already started preparing for. It is on April 16. If anyone is in/coming through Calgary, I would be more than happy to have you.

  2. On bartering:

    I think bartering would be a beneficial system. Especially because I have a tendancy to be a real scrounger and so I think the system might benefit me more.

    Read at Soundlines, I’ll buy you a beer… or at least show you who you can order from. šŸ™‚

  3. Glad it went well. Sounds like Soundlines is going to be a great place to read. I would do a field trip there in April, but will be away in Austria doing some research. June or July might work, if you want to start booking that much ahead of time. I’m always game for a field-trip.

    Maybe I could barter my way there.

  4. I bartered a three pager, titled Sonic Bio, for a recording session which I hope to do in early May… so I’ll bet you could barter a poem for a meal (or two or three)…

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