…this morning I’m thinking that I miss my writing groups, so I began to think that there might be a need for some sort of online writing group that provides critique and vital feedback for poets. Is anyone interested? I have no details yet, but would be willing to play along. Well, I have one thought, WordPress, I believe, has a blog that can only be accessed by those on the list, although I’m not sure exactly how private it is. That might something to look at.

Update: I did a little checking and yes, this is what WordPress says: “your blog can be totally private, where it can only be seen by other WordPress.com users that you specifically enable to have access to your blog”.

51 thoughts on “POETS IN SPACE (INSTALLMENT 2)

  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just said… I can start a forum… which would be completely private and work perfectly. A blog would also work. I am interested. However we proceed.

  2. Sorry, I misunderstood your idea for a forum. I thought you were simply wanting discussion, and not necessarily feedback and poetry. If you would like to use your forum as a writing group, that would be delightful. If anyone else is up for it.

  3. Hm. If it were completely private I’d be interested. Mind you, I generally don’t share my work until I’m finished with it. I’d give feedback though.

  4. Yeh, it can definitely be setup so that no one can even register (and can’t even see the site until registration).

    Well, I didn’t specifically have that idea in mind, but it can be used that way. We could also setup to have a discussion area and then only some people accessed to a workshop area and it would be invisible to everyone else. Etc. There are many options.

    I don’t currently have a forum, but I could set one up.

  5. Excellent. So, we’ve got Rhett, Brenda, Ariel, K.A. and me so far–I’m happy everyone has agreed–I’ll take you all into my “movement” (place evil laugh here).

    I like the invisible aspect of the site, with the exception of us, no one can access it–perfect. It makes it so much more a group “movement”.

    Brenda, does that mean we’d be RIG “movers”?

  6. If you put the url here then how is it private? Just curious. By that I mean this blog is public.

    And bouncing off Brenda’s The Regina Triangle, how about The Rit?

  7. *A specific group of members. Once you register (please make your name something easy, so that I know it is you (it can be changed after)) I will move you into a specific member group that will allow you to see the workshop category.

  8. By all means, Bernadette, another member is more than welcome. And I like what you’ve done with the name The RIT(Z) seems quite good.

    If everyone who wants in could go and check out Rhett’s forum and see if that set-up suits our needs as a writing group. I think I’ll stick a poem on there tonight so we can see how/if it’ll work.

  9. I can’t decide what to do. It’s not really fair to be in there if I don’t post poems. I’d be like those grumpy guys in the audience on The Muppet Show.

  10. Well, sure, that’s one way to look at it, there’s also the benefit of your experience, which we would all experience, which would be great too. Sharing your editorial skills is as much of an effort and part of the group experience as is sharing your poetry, and I (and I’m sure the others think so as well) respect your experience and value your comments.

  11. I think we posted at the same time.

    That’s kind. Of course I’d benefit from comments on my work as well, but my practice, at least so far, is not too social.

  12. Well, you don’t have to necessarily change your practice. If you don’t want to post and would simply like to comment we would appreciate your comments.

    If you feel comfortable enough to share sometime, wonderful.

    We’re an open lot.

    I think.

  13. Oh my. Rhett?

    I just thought the latest person to enter was a newbie?

    Rhett? (This is his territory, not mine.)

  14. Yep. Refreshed. We Newbies aren’t allowed to post either. Couldn’t say a darned thing about the leaded squirrels. Nope. All I can do is look at your little green lights when you’re signed in. That’s all.

  15. So there is a general forum setup just for nonsense plus anyone, in theory, can sign up but they cannot see the RITZ area until “authorized”.

  16. Well, we know it works then, and is private. Good. Bernadette, you’re the only one not signed in yet.

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