…to do something about this unorganized mess of books. I have them stacked on each shelf, in no general order (I often push madly through trying to find something and end up creating more chaos). New bookshelves must be a thought. I would love to have a library room, but don’t really have the space. As I was unusually busy in the fall, I never had to time to do anything with the 50 or so books that I bought/received over the past 6 months. These pictures are not an accurate depiction either of the amount of books, as there are still about 100 more floating about the house, and there are two full boxes of paperbacks and old literary magazines that I’ve been trying to sell in garage sales (I did manage to sell some a few years ago). I’ve been avoiding this job for too long and must get at it.

I’m wondering if book swaps are popular events. That’s a picture of my grandmother (my mother’s mother) on the shelf. I used to have more pictures, but ran out of space.

Most of the poetry books are on the bottom 2 shelves, with the exception of the 2 dozen that I have scattered throughout the house.


(Most of the books behind the books on these two shelves are textbooks of some sort or other–some are collectibles, but they aren’t in the shot (the shelves in this shot continue for another foot or so on either side)). As you can see, I have my work cut out.

9 thoughts on “TIME

  1. Alan just got finished building me another shelf, and once I put all the books onto it, we realised that I needed yet another shelf.

    Fortunately he’s very patient–and likes to build things!

  2. Amy–it does seem that as soon as I have enough, I need more (it wouldn’t have anything to do with my book buying habits I’m sure). Anita I agree–more shelves! More shelves! I’ve always loved houses where there’s a room full of books.

    And yes, Rhett, the shelf is a bit weary in the middle. It’s because that top shelf holds The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism.

  3. oh my god! we ARE the same person! i knew it in my heart but was not ready to admit the truth. but it is true. i succumb. we are one.

  4. kimmy: one “kindred spirit”–

    “There’s such a lot of different Annes in me. I sometimes think that is why I’m such a troublesome person. If I was just one Anne it would be ever so much more comfortable but then it wouldn’t be half so interesting”.
    — fromAnne of the Island –Lucy Maud Montgomery.

  5. Hey Kimmy. I don’t know if this happens to everyone. But, every time I go to your site it crashes my IE (the older version) browser.

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