Here’s a found poem (the influx of spam in my mail box lately inspired me) I wrote for the occasion:

Body Click Here To Found Poem

Where lived, said she, does live here:
wife entered control.

External links contain errors.
Sacromento James takes classes.

Beverly Hills script hand directed
spotted, Central America, Asia, Africa.

Alone despite birth—snake.
Infancy now killed me.

Undressing pantyfree. Booed.
Panty classes.

Beverly Hills script hand directed
concerns woman.

Owner’s details imagine
fat disheveled? Game that beau.

Unless otherwise noted
usually try give visual content.

Las Vegas pure page pages.
Credit featured site unless otherwise noted.

External links contain errors if known.
No control, external links

contain errors. But stop.
Traveling Brad Pitt spotted.

Caught, video visage
inspired mass booing crowd.

Vogue sorry partying without sluts.
Terms all people smart.

Fabulous– we ate clam credit.
Featured site unless otherwise noted.

Playboy being shunned. Circles sun.
Say upset, become close.

6 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR

  1. I get a lot of spam as well and was/am thinking of doing the same thing. I think the bots auto-insert random words so it’s harder for spam filters.

    I think the interesting thing about this poem is that if you read it enough times the seeming chaos is actually in patterns. It feels just like my inbox.

  2. The spam is interesting fodder. This one for example, seemed to be full of headlines, or so I thought, and that alone made it somewhat conducive to a poem. I also think if one is a sound poet, these would make great social commentaries. Or not.

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