…you’ve been following along with the present alluded to more than once by the rockstar Rhett on his blog, and the huge amount of elaboration surrounding this present, I’m happy to report that the gift has exceeded all expectations. Yes. It’s nothing I could ever have imagined, but something I’m using right now. It’s something people laugh oddly at, but can’t keep from rolling about in their fingers. It’s something unique, but oddly useful.

Now, I can’t get any more detailed as the happy, snow-cavorting, you-tube poet-star has not yet received hers in the mail. I can only say, the rockstar has outdone himself. I’m not sure how he’s going to top this one next year. 🙂

7 thoughts on “IN CASE

  1. Well, you also need to hold your tongues until I see Rob on the 30th.

    I started reading Compensation. It’s not bad so far. Not sure I can really give an analysis. But if I were going to say anything I would say that it’s an interesting attempt, fairly well thought out but it doesn’t go far enough.

  2. B: Your mail goes to Winnipeg first? How very odd indeed. Our weather reporting comes from there too! (Which is odd as well–why can’t someone here look out the window?)

    Rhett, I haven’t started mine yet. I’ll take it to work tomorrow (I’m certain it will be slow). Your comments are interesting though, and I’ll note them.

  3. Eh-hem, as a weather girl from way back, I’m happy to have something to say on this, Tracy! Local weather people (and sadly, these days often machines that have taken their place) look out the window, and even step outside, make the observation, take pressure readings and temperatures, then transmit all the data to the regional weather office, which then pumps out hourly data from everywhere as well as your “look ahead” forecast (calculated from all the data local observers have sent) as if it knows what it’s doing. And of course, it does…

  4. I’m imagining you saying that with a dry sort of humour…maybe you’re not, but my feelings aren’t hurt if you are. I’m just a bit of a weather geek, I guess 🙂

  5. No dry humour–I’ve never known a thing about how the weather is figured out except by looking out the window. Nothing wrong with being a weather geek 😉

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