…is the good in a hangover? Yes, I understand the concept of payback, but in reality, I question why it needs to be so. I’m typing very quietly as I’ve a bit of a headache–although, I had one last night too, so it may not be as self-induced as I thought(or pathetically hope). The writing was on my arm this morning regardless–don’t ask.

I’m recovering from a night of frolicking after the Saskatchewan Book Awards Gala. I was pleased to see some of my favorite people win awards: Dan Tysdal, Michael Trussler, Gail Bowen (won reader’s choice), and Martine Noel-Maw. Congrats to all the winners. It was a great event, my sixth gala in a row. I’m getting to be a staple at the event.

4 thoughts on “WHATEVER

  1. Well, you two are funny. Ha.

    As a matter of a fact my head does still hurt, but only because I think I’m getting a cold, and because I got behind on essay writing because I was pathetically lounging yesterday.

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