…in Tracyland came and went without much excitement. The extra load of reading is exhausting, but I’m feeling like I’m getting somewhere, although where that somewhere may be, I don’t really know.

I went to my 4 classes, got a mark back on my annotated bibliography, tried to finish one epic and move on to another, looked into numerous application procedures for various things, got behind on my reading, and I booked some tickets for some poetry research.

For those unaware, my travelling companion and I’ll experience a new way of life for a few weeks in April of 2007, hopefully delighting our senses with places of some significance. After staying a short amount of time in Vienna, we hope to make our way to Neulengbach, Austria to see the Viennese Forrest, and then perchance to alight our feet upon the rails, and wander through the trees to Cesky Krumlov, medieval home of the 2nd largest castle in Europe, and home to the Egon Schiele Art Centre. I don’t think 2 weeks is long enough to experience everything, but I’m pleased to say, it’s long enough for something.

14 thoughts on “THIS WEEK

  1. It’s long enough to make me jealous, for one…but given that I know that B will be ordering you up and down and around Austria, I feel a bit better.

  2. Ordering! I prefer to think of it as advising.
    Just think. Every stair we climb, I’ll be saying extend, extend…

    And every hill and mountain I see will send me into song. The hills are alive with the sound of Brenda…

  3. If H were my driver, he’d surely be there. But he’s not. He’s my partner both in life and in the arts. He is a dedicated artist and being an artist with exciting projects of his own in the works, I suspect he will be hard at work while I’m following Tracy around.

  4. Sorry, B, I didn’t mean to belittle your relationship with H. I was just curious if he would be on the trip as well, but I guess I phrased it rather weirdly. I’ll blame it on Shakespeare because I’m rereading Macbeth.

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