…of my last leisurely mornings has been exhausted by the incessant beep, beep, beep of large machines rolling up and down my back alley. The city has decided to resurface the lane, while one block over, they still have gravel. ??

And so, here I am lamenting the fact that I read too little of what I was hoping to read for my last four classes in the fall, but not worrying too much–I like a little bit of pressure, in fact, I think I work better with it. My random posting should smooth over and become steady as I avoid and procrastinate the last four classes–did I mention that I’m doing the last four classes? I’ve spent the summer in contemplation of what to do when I’m done the last four classes; I have two weeks in May well-plotted, but what to do after that? What to do, what to do? Another degree? Do I go away? Do I stay?

Time echoes in my house…beep, beep, beep.


Now the whole house is vibrating, a slight shimmy to the computer screen–is this a sign?

4 thoughts on “ONE

  1. Well. The problem with bribing you with cake is that I’d actually have to give up cake and I’m not the most giving in that regard. If I could be assured a big piece prior to the bribery, I’d certainly bribe away.

  2. Hmm. Bribery with an already half eaten cake? It could work–but it would have to be pretty killer cake.

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