I found out about the film “The Silence” here, which incidentally enough begins with a post about place. More pictures and information about the movie by director Mohsen.

6 thoughts on “SILENCE PT. 2

  1. Speaking of silence, I just finished Frances Itani’s novel Deafening, which has a deaf woman as the main character and is chock a block with meditations on silence and sound.

  2. OK, now I’m curious as to the flaw (although I will still read the novel, in some sadistic way I love to hear what others find).

  3. Okay, two flaws – one being that Grania’s two best friends, her sister and another deaf woman, have very similar love stories.

    They meet the love of their lives when ten, announce to all the world that will marry the boy when older, and then marry the boy when older…which doesn’t make for a lot of conflict.

    The second flaw is that the courtship that leads to Grania’s love story, which is central to the novel, happens off stage – or, rather, off page. Readers are obviously supposed to accept that this love-for-the-ages exists without the pudding or the proof.

    Though in the end it is only a minor flaw, I’m surprised that Itani (or if not Itani, then her editor) let herself get away with what feels like slightly lazy storytelling.

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