Fieldtrip –Pt. 2

So, one of my favourite things to do is to pick berries. Mostly I pick Saskatoon berries in and around my parents farm, but when Brenda posted pictures of her berries I knew I was picking. Brenda was a wonderful host, and willingly traded some of her picking secrets as we pulled enough berries for blueberry pancakes the next morning, and still enough left over for some pies (which I will be making tomorrow). The wild blueberries are far sweeter than any domestic blueberry I’ve ever tasted before. Thanks to Brenda and Harvey for taking time out of their lives to amuse us.

My other favourite person (besides Brenda and Harvey) was this guy– such a character.

Sunrise: my last morning at the cabin captivated me with a wonderfully dense fog that hovered and spread like wild rice over the lake. It eventually faded to a fantastic clear day.