The name

…of poet Ted Hughes plopped into conversations more than once today. I thought this might be of some significance, some cosmic sign from another realm, or not. Or maybe it was a part of the thought process that nibbled at my brain after another of the now seemingly bi-monthly Thursday morning poetic conversations–which are stimulating by the way– that made me seek him. I don’t own any Ted Hughes, and I don’t know why.

6 thoughts on “The name

  1. I didn’t konw how to spell laureate

    I think I made that up though…

    I think I heard on CBC that there was a new one and I thought that was his name… it’s not though.

  2. So spooky. I was just blogging for the first time in days and I too invoked Ted’s name. Then I come here and –whaah? Not sure why it took a week for the vibe to reach me. Perhaps it was driving. Or more likely running like a fox.

  3. Rhett: I’m glad you’re sorting this out.

    Rhona: It’s the relaxed west coast vibe.

    Funny how Hughes comes and goes in cycles. Or maybe like crows (they come and go here).

    Good poem link, thanks.

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