…Annette Bower, after finishing her novel, caught languishing in her bug (which is much more friendly than a blood-sucking mosquito any day–and way cuter). Having recently returned from St. Peter’s Abbey, where she completed the novel, Annette is set to globetrot through North America promoting blue bugs, novels, romance, and Saskatchewan writing.

Here’s me a small time poet thinking about making a run for it in the bug (I’m hampered from a smooth getaway by traffic and someone with a camera).

Annette’s visit to St. Pete’s was productive in other ways, and the Muenster consignment store and the Humboldt Goodwill store coughed up two sets of my favourite luncheon plate/cup sets for next to nothing. Both sets were gifted to me by Annette. Thanks Annette. To see them (and Annette) you’ll have to visit.

5 thoughts on “Here’s

  1. Wow, good on ya, Annette!

    Sometimes people call Anita, Annette.

    Anita is trying to finish her juvenile novel before the end of June.

    Anita used to have a bug (red–Walter), and now has a blue Volkswagon Westfalia Camper Van.

    Anita needs to park herself in the woods and finish her book.

  2. I agree B, a great car. Cool to ride in (I went for a ride).

    You go Anita/Annette–you’ll be finished before you know it. For short we could call you Ineedanet.

  3. Hey! I had a ride in that car after the Hagios launch. It’s a sweetie!

    We used to have a 1967 Bug, but now have a 1974 Westphalia whose engine DH rebuilt and whose body DH is beginning to prep for painting.

    And Annette, if you’re around here, congrats on finishing the novel!

  4. Haha! Ineedanet. I like it. We all need nets from time to time 🙂

    Berlynn, my Westfalia was born in 1984, and I love her! Can’t wait to take her on the road again this summer 🙂

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