The black and white flower is the Siberian iris. It blooms in slim 2 in blossoms in late spring. This one I salvaged when I moved around 10 years ago, and its really only begun to bloom again in the past few years, although there had always been foliage. Now it really seems to be productive.

The top flower is a painted daisy. On May Day I posted some small poems about the painted daisies. Unfortunately, May Day is now over; it was a great deal of stimulating reading, writing, and responding, all of which I enjoyed immensely and thanks to everyone who took part, and to Ariel and Polly for organizing the blog. But back to the flowers, I adore the colour of my painted daisies–I believe they are of the Robinson variety (I’ve always called them the Mrs. Robinson); I also believe they come in different shades (in Watrous the diner had artificial blue). The mosquito popluation has increased dramatically in the past few days–rain or a storm everyday, while great for the newly sprung garden (although something strange has happened to the watermelon and it is now flopping its leaves in disgust) and annuals and perennials, is also the best thing for the breeding of bugs. I’m lucky in that they don’t really like the taste of me, but even so, I’ve been bit too much in past few hours so this is my excuse for parking myself in front of the computer and pretending I’m a writer.

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  1. I hope the summer is hot and dry enough to rid the north of mosquitoes before I get there in August.

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