My first experience

…being on TV today. It wasn’t live, and it wasn’t rehearsed–although it wouldn’t have hurt–but all in all I think my less than 15 minutes of fame was fun. I don’t know yet what it looks like, or how I’ll sound, and I don’t know if I want to– I recall trying to listen to a radio show with only myself as the guest, and I couldn’t listen to the whole program. I believe I listened to only a few minutes of myself and then switched me off. It’s a bit odd to listen to my own voice, and I can’t imagine how critical I will be if I have to look at myself. But, then again, there’s nothing better in life than dissing yourself.

6 thoughts on “My first experience

  1. Well, B-) and B, in support of the Book awards, and to promote both the awards and myself, I was interviewed on TV. But, more to the point, I saw it tonight, and it looked like my eyes were far too big for my head, which I never knew before, my cheekbones had sunk 2 inches into my head, or I simply had no cheekbones, and, story of my life, my name was spelled wrong. First and last. Sigh. Perhaps, this is an omen, I’m not who anyone thinks I am, least of all me?

  2. Hahaha that’s awesome. What’s in a name anyways?

    I like seeing myself. It reminds me… “Rhett you are one damn fine ass bitch!”

    I’m not sure why I would call myself a bitch, but it seemed to work.

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