…I’ve been a bit lazy with the blog. I’ve had the time to write, but haven’t. Not that I didn’t have anything to write about (that’s never stopped the drivel from dropping off the fingertips before), and not that I didn’t think about writing a post or two, but I think I prefer to say I was blog-blocked. Yeah, that’s the ticket: blog-blocked.

That’s all my news for now. Not much of an unblock.



Time to search for the biggest tree I can find.

Time to shop for presents.

(as Prufrock says: “There will be time…)

Time for a quiz .

Time to make your mark.

Time to visit the paradox of Christmas, where the best and the worst of people shines like tinsel on a tree (I’ve always hated tinsel).

Time to say: Nothing says Christmas like a caffinated clerk after the 5th complaint in a row.

Time for you: Nothing says Christmas like…(this is where its your time…insert your own line here and then in the comments).